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meets alternative in stress and anxiety therapy
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Counselling is a private and confidential conversation between you and me. I will bring a new and unbiased view to your current situation.

I can work with you to help:
Stress and traumas
Adverse Childhood Events
Addiction issues for yourself or family members

 I am governed by regulations that require me to maintain records in a confidential manner, and only at certain times, when I am mandated by law, am I forced to breach that confidentiality.  At no other time can I tell anyone what we talk about in the session. This is extended to Social Media and all forms of communication



Same counselling session, but not in an office, let's get out to nature and walk and talk. 

Bookings and prepayment essential. 
Email me at [email protected] for more information

I CANNOT make you do anything you don't want to do (cluck like a chicken!)
Hypno-psychotherapy is a series of appointments to really get to the bottom of your issue and make permanent changes to your thoughts and behaviours

  • It is a relaxed state of mind and body so we can talk straight to your subconscious mind, without your thoughts interfering
  • Recorded session for you to repeat listen
  • Series of therapy appointments tailored to your specific situation (not a mass group hypnosis)
  • Suitable for improvement in your every day life, to find success, deal with past issues including childhood issues, increase self confidence, reduce anxiety, meet your goals... 
Personalised service tailored to your particular subconscious thoughts.
​$350 for 3 sessions upfront payment and bookings

Mindfulness is the art of paying attention, on purpose, in a particular way, to the present moment, nonjudgementally (as if your life depended on it) - Jon Kabat-Zin

In therapy, mindfulness can ground us and help us live day to day. If you want to reduce anxiety, increase emotional resilience and find better sleep, then mindfulness can help. 
I will not ask you initially to sit in quiet and meditate.
I know from experience, minds have a hard time doing that without some sort of mindfulness training first.

Mindfulness is the base of all my mainstream and alternative therapy interventions.  It is fantastic for anxiety, trauma, building resilience, decision making, relapse prevention for addiction issues, living with a person with addiction issues, it is amazing to regulate emotions and reduce those angry emotional vomits we tend to get stuck in.
Mindfulness helps us reconnect with ourselves, you know, that person who lives in side you
We all have the ability to access our intuition. When we are stressed or confused it becomes harder to hear what we are being told.
Our mind body and soul can't be disconnected. When we are dealing with stress and anxiety, you can feel the effect it has on every one of these areas.  

Everything a normal counselling session contains with the added clarity of a unique tarot spread, and intuitive interpretation when our energies combine.
3 card spread for mind body and soul, with a central vibe card and a message from the angels. I use the Thoth deck

​Reiki and energy work brings healing on an emotional and spiritual level through body connection. I use a hands on approach to chakra energy healing with topical use of armotherapy on your back and feet. I am aligned to Usui Reiki Level II

Reiki and chakra balancing is a relaxing therapy particularly good for anxiety and stress as it does not require you to speak if you do not wish to, but you are always welcome to share during the session ​.
Healing occurs if you talk or not.
Where mainstream meets alternative
Therapy is what you want it to be
The choices at Symmetry Australia are designed for you to 'build your own' therapy if you wish, or come for a discussion and we can sort out a treatment plan to fit your time and budget

Some good combinations to consider are:
   Tarot and counselling
   Hypnotherapy and aromatherapy
   Reiki and Aroma Touch (doTerra oils)
   Mindfulness and exercise 
   Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy